The Face Behind Scrub Housekeeping Company

Meet Victoria Belman, she is the owner of Scrub Housekeeping Company. A native of the country of Colombia, Victoria earned her bachelor’s degree from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in 2001. Soon after college, Victoria used her degree in architecture to land a job with Consultores y Consturores Plus LTDA in Bogota. After three years designing and constructing public buildings in and around the capital city, Victoria moved on to Compass Group Services, the world’s leading provider of support services. At Compass Group, Victoria was a key account manager in charge of providing support services such as cleaning, reception services, and building maintenance to large corporations such as Phizer, Microsoft, and Comcel International. During her two-year stay at Compass Group, Victoria developed the organizational and managerial skills necessary to run large-scale operations in the support service arena. After living 35 years in her beloved Colombia, Victoria thought it was time for a change in scenery and moved to Long Beach, California, where she began to build a family with her husband and daughter Lucia. Once establishing herself in her new home, Victoria got back to work. Using her experience at Compass Group, Victoria created a small, independent, and local home cleaning business called Scrub Housekeeping Company. In short time, her home cleaning company grew to five employees providing home and office services to over a dozen clients throughout the Long Beach area. When doing business with Scrub, you’ll find Victoria not only to be motivated, dedicated, and professional, but reliable, personable, and trustworthy, making your experience safe, refreshing, and clean.

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